Hello to all craftswomen! I will try to tell you with gratitude about the sewing of the summer sundress, without which my vacation could not take place. Of course, you can't help but like pattern №457 sundress! I had to sew it a day before the vacation, and still, I succeeded, so if anyone has a similar task, then it is quite feasible! :) Go ahead!

1. Using the advice and tips on sewing from Grasser, I immediately fused all the necessary pieces so that I would not be distracted later.


2. I sewed the bodice pieces across the short end face to face. I turned them right side out and pressed the seam. I put ruffles on the bottom (I decided to replace the pleats with the ruffles).




3. I sewed the bodice straps (fused with a thin woven interfacing) along the concave edge, short top edge and along the curved edge to the mark (marked on the pattern). I trimmed the seam allowances in the corners, turned the straps the right side out and pressed them.


4. I pinned the strap opening to the side of the bodice face to face. I stitched a line. Then I unfolded the strap and the bodice, pressed the seam allowances on the strap, folded strap seam allowance to the inside and hand-stitched it.




5. It was a bit late for me to make a fabric cord as it had to be sewn into the outer sides of the straps. I had to unstitch the places for straps adding, put in the loops .... So, do not repeat my mistakes, follow the instructions strictly. :)


6. The pocket pouch pieces should be finished with a bias tape, but I just serged it with an overlock due to lack of time. I sewed it to the front of the skirt. I did the same with the back of the skirt.


7. Then I folded the front and back pieces of the skirt right sides together and turned the pocket pouch pieces to the inside right sides together. I sewed the skirt side seam together from the mark (marked on the pattern) to the bottom edge of the skirt.


8. Then we need to stitch up 2 cm section at the pocket opening. To do this, I turned the allowances for sewing the skirt and pouch pieces together onto the pocket pouches and did this short stitch along the mark.


9. I stitched the pocket pouches together up to the mark (marked on the pattern), because the inner pocket pouches will be sewn into the back of the belt, and the outer pocket pouches will be sewn into the front of the belt.



10. I sewed together two parts of the back of the belt along the top and bottom edges, trimmed the seam allowances in corners. I turned it out and pressed it.


11. Next, I placed front belt pieces along the bottom edge of the bodice: one part of the belt is face to face with the bodice, the other one faces the wrong side of the bodice. I stitched a line. Before stitching up the sides of the front belt, I placed two button loops on each side along the mark. I trimmed the seam allowances in corners, folded the belt out and pressed it. 





12. Then I made skirt front ruffle with bodice width, pinned the front of the skirt with the outer pocket pouch pieces and the outer front of the belt. The photo shows that the inner pocket pouch pieces are folded out and are not stitched.


13. I made a “helper stitch” on the inner part of the belt in order to fold over the allowance more evenly and produce a clean-finished seam. So, I fold the inner piece of the front belt along the line and hem the allowance with blind stitches.



14. Let’s proceed to the back of the belt. I pin the outer part of the back of the belt and the inner part of the pocket pouch pieces - the ruffled back skirt - to the inner part of the pocket pouch pieces with needles.




15. What remains is to hem allowances for the inner part of the back belt with blind stitches. And the “helper stitch” helps me to fold the allowance evenly.



16. So this is what I got:





17. The last step is to hem the bottom of the sundress skirt and sew on the buttons!

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude for the tailoring advice to Elena Bolonina, Anastasia Grudtsina, Natalia Butenina and Anastasia Kuzina, the pockets seemed very incomprehensible. :) But the girls were so kind and helped as much as they could at a late hour. :) Thank you!