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Администратор: Hola Maru!

Not a review- just a request for either A0 copy shop format or projector files (I can use A0 format with the projector) because I do not own a printer and I absolutely love your patterns.

Администратор: Alexandra, hello.
Thank you for your feedback and for choosing our company.
Patterns can be printed both on a printer and on a plotter, on roll paper (min. sheet width 600 mm).
A0 format for our patterns is not provided.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to adapt the product to the needs of a particular user, but I will pass your wishes to the bureau.

Hello, I love your pattern 790,791; I just finished the costume ; It was a great joy to sew with your instructions, therefor i am looking forward to start my next purchased pattern. Fitting was amazing, I think it is because of your different length choice, only a little adjustment I had to execute. Thank s so much for the professional pattern. One question: How can I add an image of the costume to your blog? Best Bettina

Администратор: Hello, Bettina! Thank you for your compliments! We are very happy that you like our patterns! It is not possible to add photos of products on the site. We wish you pleasant tailoring and a beautiful product again!

I bought 316 and 142 I wish there was A tutorial in video
would be of great help for beginners
BTW amazing patterns :)

Администратор: Hello!
Thanks for the feedback! We are very happy that you like our patterns.
Unfortunately, we did not shoot video tutorials for these patterns. But these patterns have text instructions. And in the instructions for pattern 142 there are photos of the sewing process.
We  wish you pleasant tailoring and beautiful products!

Hi, do you plan on offering the Letter printing option soon?

Администратор: Hello, all new patterns are made in a format that fits not only A4, but also Letter. Look in the description of the pattern on the site for the designation that the pattern is made on A4 / Letter.

What size is your plotter sheet? Is it A0?


Администратор: Hello, paper format of our pattern plotter file isn't A1/A0 sheets, we make patterns for roll paper for a plotter, there are such in the copy shop.
Sheet width 60 cm , and length of the sheet depends on the pattern.

Instructions for printing on a wide-format plotter:

1. Open the PDF pattern in Adobe Reader (there are settings "real size", "Auto portrait")

2. Next, open the "Properties"

3. In "Properties" open "Custom" and there enter the width and length of the file in the fields (These numbers can be viewed in the lower left corner of the screen by moving the cursor over it).


We don't make patterns for the A0 format, it is not environmentally friendly, a lot of paper is used in the layout for A0. We make patterns only for roll paper for the plotter - then the layout of the parts is very compact.


My son is a big & tall, 190cm tall, chest 135cm & waist 150cm (+)

are there any plans to have an extended size for her larger men?

Администратор: Hello, unfortunately, for such a man's size, we do not yet have plans to make patterns, this is a very specific design that requires a separate large study, fitting and layouts.

I am Interested iN your dress pattern nr 837, but i cannot find it in the english nor russian site.
Is it available?


Администратор: Hello, you can purchase pattern №837 on our website -

Hello, wonderful pattern , the only thing I am missing is the tutorial in video for doing my jacket 360 , or any jacket.
I will Love to keep working with you.
Hilda Le Denmat

Администратор: Hello! Thank you very much! We are glad that you like our patterns! We will work to make tutorial videos in English.

Your patterns are amazing. When will you be releasing more of your pattern library in English? There are so many fabulous garments on your original site.

Administrator: Hello, thank you very much! We are so glad that you like our patterns! We are working on the translation of tailoring instructions to our patterns, and release them in the English version. You can write to us at what patterns you are most interested in!  We will try to make them faster.

Hi, I have found your website through You Tube. This is one of the best sewing website that offers fantastic patterns and online courses. It is just sad that there are no many online course. The online course even for person that does not speak Russian are easy to follow and absolutely fabulous, very detailed. I will be buying more patterns in the future as these are absolutely fantastic. Also the team I have been dealing with are very helpful and friendly. Thank you for all your help. It has been a fantastic experience.  

Администратор: Dear Magda, thank you so much for your warm review! We are very happy that you like our patterns and that the online courses are useful for you!  We are doing the best to create more and more online courses!