The laconic are now popular, but, at the same time, comfortable models of clothes. It is possible to process pockets in the stitch. You cannot do the slit the pockets, but do the pockets in the stitching how for example, in the bomber № 143 or in the model of overcoat on the pattern № 138. Today it is autumn and we can use the dense cloth. When the inlays are overedged   together and iron on the forehand part of the good it is the easiest processing of pocket is in the stitch. . But such processing is impossible in the dense autumn cloth. It is necessary to iron the inlays.  And we do it so.

We offer   the worked out plan of the connection of sackcloth and details of the good with subsequent ironing of the inlay. That's why we will not load you such concepts, as the trimming and offer the variant of processing of the pocket in the stitch, where is not the trimming. It is the clearest variant. And you can fit by trimming   the sackcloth from the from the cloth.   


1. If you  have the pattern without details on sackcloth of pocket in the stitching, you will begin  constructing of the  sackcloth of  the pocket. (pic.1)

2. The form (depth and width) of sackcloth depends on your wishes. 

3. The entering in the pocket is the average 13-16 sm. We mark the entering in the pocket by the cut certainly on the detail of the good. We glue the inlay of the entering to the pocket by the Vlieseline, and better by the part glue brim. (ris.2)   

4. We certainly retreat 4 sm downward on the lateral stitch from the entering in the pocket, and only then begin the composition of the sackcloth.

karman 3.jpg

5. Fold the sackcloth of the pocket and good by the right sides. Stitch in sackcloth to the lateral inlays. Stitch in to the beginning of the inlays of the sackcloth. Put the holdfast. (pic. 4,5,7) 
6. Put the cut on the sackcloth which is sewn down to the forehand part, that cut the sackcloth on the inlay of lateral stitch to the eventual points of the stitch (pic. 8,9,10) 

7. Fold sackcloth face to face (pic.11)

8. Grind down the sackcloth to the the cut. (pic.12,13,14,15,16,17) 

9. Overedge   the cuts of sacking together. The side of the sackcloth which will be visible in the process of wearing.  Bent the cutting ends of the sackcloth so they got in the bight. (pic.18,19,20)  

10. Overedge the lateral cuts of good on the separateness.(fig. 21,22)

11. Split off the lateral stitch. Grind off the lateral stitch in 2 receptions. Above is in the beginning. Then down from the control point of ending of the entering in the pocket.(pic.23,24)

12. Iron out the stitches in different directions. Iron the pocket on before. (pic.25,26)

13. Invert the pocket and put the bartack in area of the cutting inlays. Thus we hide all dirt.(pic. 27,28,29,30)