We suggest processing the gorge by the welt in many our patterns.  The welt is the detail which repeats the form of the shape of the certain area of the good. Is it necessary for what? In order that the figured cuts of good were beautifully and cleanly finished and that this good had deserving original appearance. The gorge, the cut of waist, the area of stolling and the cuff can be processed by the welt.

Today we will show in detail how to process the gorge of the welt.  You can use our recommendations fat the sewing of such models - the Dress № 149, the Dress № 83, the Dress № 48, and the Dress № 68. If there is the fold in the good, in this case the cut is processed by the welt not quite usually and there a lot of variants of processing. But there is one method which we love very much. We hope that you will like it. 

1. We prepare an area for cutting out of the welt.


2. We cut out the welt of the necessary area. For example, the welt of the gorge can consist of from one part and to be the whole, so can be divided on the detail of the back and the forefront.  If the cloth allows, do the whole welt. There will not be superfluous tighten.

3. Duplicate the welt by the interfacing.   

4. Overedge the external cut of the welt with the hemming.


5. Stitch in the zipping in the middle stitch of the back of good. 

6. Fold the side of the welt with the side of good. Split with the pins.   

7. Cut the braiding of the zipper with the ends of the welt with the both side.   

8. Connect the ends of the welt with the cuts of middle stitch of the back. It turns out the bubble.  Do not frighten, so it must be!


9. Stitch the ends of the zipper to the edges of cuts of middle stitch of the back.  


10. Bend all inlays on the welt.  The bubble must disappear now.  


11. Fasten the folded inlays with the pins.   

 112. Stitch round the gorge by the welt.


13. Dissect the inlay of the stitching of the gorge in order the inlay did not prevent to wrench the welt.   

14. Раскладываем в разные стороны обтачку и изделие. Направляем припуски на обтачку. Утюжим.


15. Lay the functional line on the welt on 1 mm from the stitching. Thus the inlay is fixed on the welt and the welt will never get out outside. You can not to lay a line from the zipper. That's why approximately 3-5 sm step back   

16. Straighten the welt on the good. Iron.

17. Fix the welt on humeral stitches with the hand seams.