In June we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary, therefore the summer collection is really special for us -  that’s the landmark representing the long way we made from issuing patterns without any pictures till the collections designed in advance with professional photo shoot. 

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Working over new patterns, we aimed to create a collection noteworthy for us and our customers,  even to risk and make something we had never allowed ourselves to. For example, we held the most large-scale photo shoot for the campaign. 

Here is our collection in numbers:

– 14 people were involved in the pattern drafting;

– 28 patters are issued;

– 7 fittings were performed;

– 7 models took part in fittings and photo shoots.

In this article we are going to reveal all the details of our collection, how it was elaborated and the solutions we applied. 


From one hand, the summer collection is a sequel of the spring one. Like the last time we got inspired with our city where we create our garments, St. Petersburg. We continue the story of the rhythm which set embellishment details and functionality, represented in a variety of pinafores, denim apparels and neat silhouettes.

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On the other hand, we got inspired with the way we made. The new collection of patterns is the reflection of the creative growth of the GRASSER team within 10 years. It’s a pleasure to realize that our today patterns is the result of work of the strong, solid team,  it is the courage of being the trend setters and to break stereotypes. We love challenging ourselves while creating yet another collection. It is our reconsideration of the trends and a new approach to ordinary things in order to create the patterns which evoke genuine emotions: surprise, excitement and inspiration.  

The GRASSER company is focused on various directions, however, our patterns is the way of self-expression and our company’s brains team-up. Every member of the team, with their views, ideas and experience is a source of our inspiration as well. 

Nature of the Collection

Creating our tenth anniversary collection we surely remembered that it should be about summer. The new collection is about romance, indulgence, relaxation and aspiration of life, it is about the ability to enjoy every moment and surround ourselves with beauty. It is bright and light, strong and daring, reserved and sexy.

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The new collection represents the today’s woman’s lifestyle, who lives a full and vibrant life. That’s not a collection for one day but for the whole summer where you can choose the patterns for the office outfits, for the beach, travelling, prom party or weekends with friends.

We keep on playing with contrasts – femininity and urbanism. Our new collection combines romanticism, sexuality, self-appreciation and, at the same time,  convenience and comfort present in urbanistic style. 

Many patterns are multipurpose and basic. If you don’t use the embellishment details you’ll get garments of different nature. For example, you can remove the gusset pockets from the skirt 

GRASSER #1018 or from the pinafore GRASSER #1029, not to apply the patch pocket on the bandeau top  GRASSER #1026, or replace the belt in the denim vest GRASSER #1028 with the classic one. We have left the variability for realization of the creative potential.  

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There are 4 men’s patterns in the summer collection: the shirt with two versions of pockets, two pairs of shorts and a denim jumpsuit matching the women’s one. 

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The idea of creating a men’s jumpsuit was born spontaneously, already after the photo shoot for the catalogue. We decided that such unusual family look will perfectly underline the tendency for a life-work balance, where family, friends and community play a central role. The comfort and harmony are seen here.


5 (1).jpg

Fundamentals of the Design

We emphasized the diversity and choices, including ones of trends, in the summer season. The modern tendencies are not strict, you can be up-to-date, choosing only the trends you like. The dresses and pinafores of various silhouettes, flared, straight, fitted, are in the highlight.  

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We deliberately opted out of the oversized style, while creating some garments, and chose slim and regular fit style. A particular attention was paid to the fitting, therefore simple, at the first glance, garments have a complex design. For example, the backless pinafore GRASSER #1041 has an anatomical design and a breast support, so even curvy ladies could comfortably wear it. The volume of the loose garments can be adjusted with ties and straps. That is why, even designed with a big ease, they look quite fitted.  

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Some designer’s details and solutions can create the feeling of freedom. Such as the asymmetric hem or voluminous patch pockets in the hip or bust area.


Asymmetry is a designer’s trendy highlight in our summer collection of patterns: the pinafore GRASSER #1036 has an asymmetric hem, an asymmetric neckline if the camisole-dress GRASSER #1030 the dress GRASSER #1021 features an asymmetric fastening, and asymmetric pocket openings are in the jumpsuits  GRASSER #1020 and GRASSER #1040.


We keep following the trend of patch pockets and metal zippers. Their number grew in the new collection and they appear more often even in places where they are not supposed to be. For example, in the basic men’s shirt GRASSER #1033 the pockets are below the chest line, meanwhile the sundress’s GRASSER #1029 pockets are on the bust and below the hip line.  


The waistline of all the bottoms is low. We suggest to match low-waist the skirts and the shorts with various tops.   

To highlight the low waist you can wear a bandeau top GRASSER #1026  or a bodysuit with a deep leg cut, pattern GRASSER #1024, and to conceal it  - straight, loose or flared tops, blouses and vests with below waistline length.



As for the length of the bottoms, we decided to provide you the freedom of choice:  the pattern s of mini sorts, midi and maxi skirts and dresses. So, two opposite trends may co-exist.

There are two patterns of outerwear garments in the new collection. They will perfectly suit for summer. It is a business jacket and a bomber for more casual events. Both of them have cropped length and rigid shoulders. 


The new collection has a lot of hilarious details. For example, a belt, looking like sleeve: that’s a detail inspired by upcycling. The vest GRASSER #1028 looks like an upcycled jacket which sleeves were used for making a peculiar belt. Or, for example, we made our trousers GRASSER #969,  too long for the photo shoot on purpose, to demonstrate how different you can be, look wacky and feel comfortable at the same time.


Fabric Selection

We have selected plain dressing, shirting and suiting fabrics with natural composition for the summer collection. We went for a greater colour range rather than prints: besides the garments in basic colours we have created a green and a coral red pinafores, yellow bodysuit, scarlet and denim are in the limelight. 


In the spring collection we carefully introduced the colour of the year, meanwhile in the summer one it began to sparkle. 


The total denim look is also very eye-catching. The denim style is going to reach its peak this summer. We completed the new garments with already familiar denim trousers made with GRASSER pattern #969,  to prove once again the adaptability of this material. 


We made our garments in classic denim blue and grey shades, however we are not limited with them. We have already received a massive consignment of astonishing vividly coloured denim fabrics in our shop.



The GRASSER patterns are no longer just patterns. It’s a sort of an encyclopedia of various units construction which we always update. This time we added several technologically complex garments: denim jumpsuits with multiple pockets and zippers, a dress with a decorative zipper stitched over an attached yoke.



There are also the patterns where we disclosed the technologies of sewing out of light-weight and slippery fabrics: the camisole dress GRASSER #1030, blouse GRASSER #1022 and the dress GRASSER #1021.

Photo Shoot

The summer campaign is the new height our team have reached. It was the most large-scale photo shoot for the GRASSER company, it helped us to reconsider our experience and proved that we were ready for greater achievements.    

We involved so many professionals for the first time:  an art director, stylist, set designer, florist, make-up artist, photographer, light engineer, video maker, content managers, assistants, three models and a producer. 

For an unusual photo set design we selected the furniture, we were looking for the right tableware all across Russia, ordered the food. The table textile was provided by Varvara, the founder of the Love to Knit project. This photo shoot perfectly demonstrate the mood of the new collection: summer, food, friends, dances and love.  


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