1. Select a tutorial and press the button “add to cart”.
  2. In your Cart you will see the selected items and you will be able to adjust the order.
  3. Then, press the button “Ordering”. Log-in or register, if you are not registered yet.
  4. Select a payment method: PayPal or Payture. Then, pass to the payment.
  5. When the payment is completed, the tutorial will be available for watching in your account.
  6. Press the button “Watch”, then a pop-up window with your video files list will open.
  7. Every video can be opened full-screen.
  8. Every tutorial has a different number of video files. The number of files is shown in the description to the tutorial. If you cannot see all the videos, scroll your mouse or your browser scroll bar down.   
  9. Keep your log-in details. When you decide our online shop next time, you will be able to log-in and watch the videos in your account. The tutorial, you have purchased, will be always available for watching without any time limits.
  10. You cannot download the videos.
  11. All the videos are original and the copyright belongs to GRASSER LLC. All our products are protected by the current intellectual property legislation and they are provided to the Purchaser for personal use only and cannot be resold. Copying, re-sale, public dissemination of the materials from our web site in the Internet, printed media, mass media or social media is forbidden without a written permission from GRASSER LLC.